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BEC continues on the path of modernization and permanent updating, facing the current challenges, where change is permanent and digital transformation is a continuous reality. One of BEC’s internal projects – the OMNIA Platform is in the implementation phase. This platform promotes a greater efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase process, and allows each employee to access our internal systems anywhere in the world, so that purchases can be effective and monitored online.

Taking this project into account, BEC was invited by PRIMAVERA to present its experience in the implementation of this platform on the Road Show Digital Transformation, carried out in five cities of our country: Braga, Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro and Leiria. The main purpose of this event was to demonstrate how companies can take advantage of the latest technological innovations to renovate their business models and increase efficiency levels. BEC participated with presentations and personal testimonies from its General Manager Paulo Baptista and its Director of Production Luis Esteves, where they had the opportunity to share their experience on the advantages provided by technology for the evolution of their business, and in particular, the advantages of the OMNIA platform for the development of internal company procedures.