Logos Compete 2020

BEC - BRAGA, EQUIPAMENTOS DE CONSTRUÇÃO, LDA saw approved its application for the Internationalisation project, which is supported by the Portugal 2020 Community Funds. (Project code: 20299)

The main goal of this project is to support internationalisation and all the efforts to conquer key strategic markets, strengthening the export capacity of BEC Construção. All investments focus on the participation in international exhibitions, implementation of updated marketing and communication tools, brand registration, human resources and prospecting actions in international markets such as England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Morocco. Among the several actions planned for external markets, we highlight international trade shows in our core business, such as 100% Design in London, AD Interiors in Paris and SIB in Morocco.

B&F consultores, Lda.
Logos Norte 2020

BEC - CARPINTARIA, UNIPESSOAL, LDA has an ongoing Productive Innovation Project, supported by the community funds - Portugal 2020. (Project Code: 18461)

The project aims to face new challenges, stimulating the increase of the productive capacity of BEC-CARPINTARIA through an investment in new advanced technological machinery and equipment: CNC, sander, among other equipment; as well as the introduction of new ways of organisational innovation and marketing.

This project will enable BEC Carpintaria to achieve 4 types of innovation:
- Product innovation: Introduction of new products into the market (new materials and differentiation in finishing furniture)
- Process Innovation: Adoption of new, more technologically advanced, efficient and effective processes.
- Organizational innovation: Introduction of new organizational methods, including the implementation of a production management system and new work methodologies that aim to boost productivity and continuous improvement.
- Marketing Innovation: Investment in marketing and communication tools.

B&F consultores, Lda.