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We focus on
the details

Meticulous preparation,
the most appropriate technique of execution,
the selection of the best raw materials
and the right technique.

For us, the details are everything.

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Overcome challenges

Who we are

We are experts in turnkey, strictly tailor made projects.

Since 1996 we have been developing our work and we have conquered considerable expertise in renovation and interior refurbishment. In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have created different structures that complement our activity and consolidate our presence in strategic markets, such as Bec-Carpentry, Bec-Conditioning, Bec-France and Construbec (Morocco).

We also have several key partnerships in order to promote cost optimization, respect execution deadlines and ensure the quality of our work.

Since 2008 we are certified by the NP EN ISO 9001 in the context of Implementation and Construction Management for Interior Design; Furniture production and assembly. Reasons for self-pride but also a motive to continue to be inspired, innovative and more demanding with ourselves.

Who we are

From the very beginning, our main focus has always been to understand our customer’s needs and to deliver accordingly.

Experience and know how over the years have given us the confidence to respond to challenges that are put forward.

This can be seen in our collaboration in the XV edition of AD Interiors, in Paris, where we technically created, produced and installed a base structure that allows participants an enclosed area that meets their ambitions to showcase their work. Yet another challenge BEC met with precision.

The only way we know how to work.

what we do

We work with renowned partners, such as architects and interior designers.

Our background has led us to a huge success both in projects within Portugal and beyond its borders.

Interior Architecture

This is Bec’s Technical Department area of excellence.

Our team prepares work starting with the analysis of the architectural design and expertise projects. They manage and execute the work to the finest detail of final delivery, including ordering materials and any subcontractors. It is this work of management leadership that brings out the capabilities of organization and integration of different teams, essential to a good final result.

Construction and construction management

We have a production area of around 3.500 square meters which is equipped with the latest generation of machinery.

To this latest technology we join skilled labour, carefully selected raw materials (wood, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, leather, fabrics, acrylic, etc.) and the collaboration / partnership with the leading design offices.

That’s the reason we are capable of producing unique pieces of furniture for commercial spaces and specific houses, with the highest quality and accomplish the most demanding deadlines.

Production and finishing of furniture

Our furniture assembly teams have installed furniture with efficiency and professionalism across Europe and more recently in Russia and Morocco.

They are specialised professionals in this area, with experience and ability to perform the job quickly and with all the quality that is required to each project.

Furniture assembly

We offer our customers a service of technical assistance, able to keep up with our high quality standards in project execution.

We have the skills to establish maintenance contracts in different areas, such as: electricity, air conditioning, fire detection and extinction and general maintenance.

Technical assistance

Bec - Braga Equipamentos de Construção, Lda

Parque industrial de Celeiros,
2ª fase
Rua de Gaião, lote 7/8, Aveleda
4705-049 Braga, Portugal

(+351) 253 607 550

(+351) 253 607 559

Bec - Carpintaria, unipessoal, Lda

Parque industrial de Celeiros,
2ª fase
Rua de Gaião, lote 7/8, Aveleda
4705-049 Braga, Portugal

Bec - Climatização (Dept. AVAC)

Parque industrial de Celeiros,
2ª fase
Rua de Gaião, lote 7/8, Aveleda
4705-049 Braga, Portugal

Bec France - Projeter, Rénover, Agencer SAS

27, Rue Georges Collin
91320 Wissous, France

+33 (0)1 60 10 86 98

Construbec - Constructions et Rénovations SARLAU

4 Rue El Yarmouke Racine
Maarif RDC nº 1
20100 Casablanca, Marrocos